Movable Mini Cold Room

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Advantages of Dong’an Cold Storage

Mobile and easy installation, complete set for sale, full range of customized services, comprehensive free design, and transportation agency

Plate: Anti deformation, non cracking, thermal insulation, anti freezing, anti cold bridge, noise reduction, with a lifespan of over 30 years

Motor: Complete assembly of brand motor

Accessories: Complete the required accessories for installation at once

Overall advantages:One stop purchase come from Dong`an.

Dong’an building sheets company is a productive enterprises Which has an independent R&D team , providing you with the best cost-effective production. Professional integrated services for design, production, and logistics make you feel more at ease.

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Cold room is divided into high temperature cold room,medium temperature cold room,low temperature cold room ,quick freezing room,which consists of panel,condensing unit,evaporator,door,electric control box,ect.

Walk in Fresh Room

Walk in Freezer Room

Walk in Blast Freezer Room

Chiller Room: -5~15C, most kind of fruits,vegetables,eggs,flowers,processing workshop,beer,beverage can keep storage in good quality within this cold room. Freezer room:-30~-15C,frozen meat,fish,chicken,ice cream, seafood after frozen in blast freezer room can be kept in freezer room. Blast freezer room: Blast Freezer room (also called blast freezer, shock freezer) is  with lower storage temperature from  -40°C to -35°C, it is equipped with more thicker doors, PU panels and more powerful condensing units than normal cool room.


Cold rooms are staples of supermarkets, meat processing plant,cold chain logistics,restaurants, hotels,  and any other place that needs to store fresh, frozen, or pre-cooled food products,meat, vegetables, fruits, beverage,fish.

Use nature/Suitable for

Tempreture range

Processing room


Fruit, vegetable, dry food


Medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material


Ice storage room


Fish, meat storage




Production Show

Technical Parameter
Exterior dimension(L*W*H) 6160*2400*2500mm
Interior dimension(L*W*H) 5960*2200*2200mm
compressor DA-300LY-FB
input 3.1kw
Refrigerator capacity 6800W
Pis. Pa 2.4 Mpa
Protection Grade IP*4
Refrigerant Incharge R404≦3 kg
Net weight 1274 Kg
Door 800*1800mm
Brand Dongan



Different sizes of cold storage have different design requirements. We will design a complete set of cold storage solutions according to the quantity, voltage, and temperature of stored items. In order to let customers better understand our products, we will provide schematic diagrams and videos,and we can also supply with the 3D modeling design drawings for you.


Customized logo(Min. order 50 pieces)

Customized packaging(Min. order 50 pieces)

Graphic customization(Min. order 50 pieces)

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
Payment: T/T, L/C


How many tons of frozen food can this cold room store? If I need to store 10 tons of frozen fish, what is the size of the freezer?

The storage capacity and area of the cold room will vary depending on the type of frozen food stored. We can calculate and design the size, length, width, and height of the cold room for you based on the category and storage capacity you want to store.

How many pairs of motors do you need to match for this type of cold room? What is the voltage. Can it be used in our country?

The number of horsepower of the motor is selected based on the size of the cold room and the freezing temperature required for storage; The default voltage is 220V or 380V, and a voltage of 380V is required for basic 5 horsepower or more to achieve efficient and energy-saving operation. Due to the different electricity systems in different countries, some countries may not be able to use 380V motors. We will also design them separately for you. We welcome your detailed consultation.

If I customize a cold room, how long will it take to complete production? Can you send it to my country?

If the cold room you need is below 100 cubic meters, its production cycle is expected to be around 10 days. Please consult separately for more than 100 cubic meters. Our monthly production capacity is around 20 thousand cubic meters, and timely delivery is also one of our advantages. Our default delivery location is FOB Tianjin China. If the cold room needs to be sent to the designated address in your country, please consult separately. We can provide global export customs declaration and container transportation delivery services.

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