Indoor Mini Cold Room Walk In Cooler

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Indoor cold rooms are staples of supermarkets, meat processing plant,cold chain logistics,restaurants, hotels,  and any other place that needs to store fresh, frozen, or pre-cooled food products,meat and fish. Or to cultivate seed  vegetables, fruits, flower,and to store drug,beverage and so on.

Advantage of Dong`an indoor mini cold room

We have over 200 experience in building indoor cold storage projects, and can tailor unique and professional cold storage construction solutions according to customer needs.Provide one-stop customized services. You just make up good ideas, Dong`an turn your ideas into reality.

Overall advantages:One stop purchase come from Dong`an.

Dong`an building sheets company is a productive enterprises Which has an independent R&D team , providing you with the best cost-effective production. Professional integrated services for design, production, and logistics make you feel more at ease.

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A basic indoor cold storage consists of the following components: cold room panels, cold room doors, refrigeration equipment, and spare parts.

cold room panels

Cold room temperature Thickness of panel
5~15 degree 75mm
-15~5 degree 100mm
-15~-20 degree 120mm
-20~-30degree 150mm
Lower than -30degree 200mm

cold room doors


Refrigeration equipment


Indoor cold room applications

Indoor cold room is widely used in food industry, medical industry, and other related industries.
In food industry, cold room is usually used in food process factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable warehouse,supermarket,hotel, restaurant, etc.
In medical industry, cold room is usually used in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, blood center, gene center, etc.
Other related industries, such as chemical factory, laboratory, logistics center, they also need cold room.

Application for example Room Temperature
Fruit & Vegetable -5 to 10 ℃
Chemical factory,medicine 0 to 5 ℃
Ice cream, ice storage room -10 to -5 ℃
Frozen meat storage -25 to -18 ℃
Fresh meat storage -40 to -30 ℃

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What is the application of the cold room?

It will affect the temperature of cold room needed to be, and the choice of thickness of pu panel and material covered on panel.

What is the size of the cold room?

It will affect the choice of condensing unit and air cooler, basing on the cold room temperature.

Which country will the cold room be located in? How about the climate?

It will affect the choice of voltage and condenser, if the temperature is high all the year, we need to choose condenser with bigger evaporation area.

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