Large-Scale Cold Room

  • Flexible Solutions for Efficient Large-Scale Cold Storage

    Flexible Solutions for Efficient Large-Scale Cold Storage

    1. Easy to installThe main equipment of our modular cold room have been assembled and tested in the factory,so the way to install the cold room is Modular Portfolio,like the installation of air conditioner,easy and fast,quick investment results against short constructing cycle.

    2.Economical and energy saving

    Our modular cold room panels are being foamed through isothermal technology by using imported high pressure foaming machine,with uniform density and good heat preservation.Life of the panels is over twenty years, shrinkage,cracking and delaminating will not appear in this period.Good heat preservation reduces heat loss inside and outside the cold room,greatly save the energy.Imported efficiency compressor can save much operation cost,more economical.

    3. Sanitary environment

    Polyurethane panels are adopt good quality steel finish,which conforms to international standards of good grade . The metal steel finish is easy to clean,there is no dust,mold,fouling on the panel, so pest can not live in it.

    4. Reliable quality

    Whether you are looking for cold rooms, refrigeration condensing units, insulation panels, evaporator air coolers, DONG AN is the go- to professional manufacturer.
    Mgreenbelt walk-in cooler, typical temperature range of -25°C to +20°C It can store vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverages etc. Cooler is staples of logistics warehouse, restaurants, farms, hotels, supermarkets facilities.

    Overall advantages:One stop purchase come from Dong`an.

    Dong`an building sheets company is a productive enterprises Which has an independent R&D team , providing you with the best cost-effective production. Professional integrated services for design, production, and logistics make you feel more at ease.

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